In the beginning

HM had made me aware He blogged, He made me aware that He discussed aspects of us and let Himself be out there a bit. I hesitated, He asked if I wanted to start a blog, and I hesitated. What would I write about, when would I write, and what side of me would do it. Would it be I, Sweetness, a nickname he has called me our entire time together, or sweetness, His submissive warrior princess.

I will apologize that this blog may be hard to read, but i insist on not losing the I that exists when the armor is on. So, when I/i blog you may notice a change in the capitalization referring to myself. It may even happen within blog entries themselves, and it is purposeful because you will know when you read and an I turns into an i, that I came home and He took over.

HM has told our story to be sure, but i will give my impressions as well in due time. Just know that we are a 24/7 D/s dynamic, but that unless He is around, I am in control and calling the shots, unless i fall afoul of our agreement, which He will be making me share in the not to near future after we finalize the annual maintenance of it.


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