50 shades of us

I/i have the most fantastic HM in the world. Yeah yeah i know lots of arguments there but check this out. i texted him from work and indicated that I was having a bad day, He asked if there was something he could make for dinner (YES he does cook, and he cooks well). i responded with a plethora of things some edible, some conflicting with one another, a hodge podge of stuff. He simply responded that he would work something out.

I was yelled at a lot yesterday, on top of that I have additional stress from a private matter in my family, and I was on the verge of a break. Honestly driving home was both the biggest blessing and curse for me. i was alone with my thoughts and couldn’t wait to get the armor off of me. As I indicate in my about section, there are days when HM has to forcibly remove it, and then there are days where I can’t wait to throw it in the corner and pretend it doesn’t exist and never will again.

Walking into our house i was greeted with the smell of dinner cooking as i saw Sir standing at the stove his body turned toward me, our son in one arm as far from the stove as can be and clammering happily while He cooked something that couldn’t be seen from my vantage point with the other hand. He turned gave me a smile, came over hugged me with our little guy joining in, kissed me in a romanticly passionate way, handed me our son, and then shooed me to the living room so He could cook, planting a playfully firm swat on my rear as I went.

The next seen of Sir was Him carrying in two plates of food with mine already cut up so that i could eat and help our son eat at the same time. IT WAS PHENOMONAL, i do not know what he did but the meat was amazing, the veggies were both crisp but flavorful, and mashedpotatoes. But wait…there was more, i am unfortunately sensitive to gluten and my Sir went to a store out of His way to get bread for me to eat as He knows its a comfort food and rare treat because of my allergies.

BUT WAIT…there is more. He made a pumpkin pie for me, from scratch, with homemade whipped cream. Back off ladies, he is mine. Not enough? 0 dishes left in the sink afterwards.


After dinner, we settled into our evening. Him on the couch playing with my hair as I sat between his feet and we watched a show from earlier in the week (yay DVR) and He allowed me to word vomit all about my day, listening, not judging, and yes even occasionally correcting me when I would use too abrasive language (our son was in the room). After that He told me what suit He was wanting to wear tomorrow and had me go pick out a shirt (He is suuuuper exciting and has blue, and white to choose from so no real choices) and tie to go with it. Aside from deciding what tie i would like to see, He made all decisions, He took control, and my soul job was being with our son.

Understand that 50 Shades of Grey is a movie that we view more closely with a comedy than anything else. That said Ellie Goulding’s song struck true with me last night. There are nights where if someone were positioned in our home, we are very very very clearly D/s, and then there are nights like last night where instead of 50 shades of grey it is 50 shades of us. To an outside person it may almost seem like He was serving me, but in taking the control and making me take care of myself, He was exercising the perfect control. i “love” the kinky stuff, but i melt when touches and loves me like He does.


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