Freeday Friday

Yesterday was a draining one, and one where this weary princess warrior didn’t get home until well after the little man’s bedtime, and late enough that there was very basic dynamic time. I still am not sure what to post about, and figure I will spend today, a day off, looking around and seeing if I can find inspiration. If anyone finds this blog and wants to indicate what they are interested in, let me know. HM has given me ideas, but not ordered any into execution. He enjoys watching me squirm at times with my indecision, always riding in to save the day and telling me what i should do, so I suppose i could be a brat and just hold out and say sorry Sir, ball is in your court….but then i need to make sure that is a check my butt is up to cashing.


In preparing for this post, i found this picture that i think somewhat puts how we are at times into visual form. There are times when just before we go to bed, we talk, i call him Sir and he calls me sweetness. He is holding me like the man in the picture, but i am also able to imagine that as He does so, i am serving Him by petting the Wolf inside of Him. i am sure He will make me post on what a Wolf means to me, but HM is just like one in His loyalty and fierceness in the face of dangers, but yet soft and while wild for the world at large, largely He is able to portray domestication too. And yes i know it is a dog, but it’s as close to a wolf as i could find with the same feelings portrayed.


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