You’re an asshole

So i was sick last weekend. i was run down, i was tired, my joints hurt, my voice was yucky, and I had gross stuff coming from my mouth and nose.

HM of course still told me i was beautiful, but He is full of it so yeah.

He also took away my phone. The phone is my ball and chain, its a lifeline to work and all the responsibilities therein and i suppose it is something that if rest is truly dictated that must be removed. Rest is what was needed, admittedly.

So when He took my phone, there was a little complaining, and i was getting over it, i swear i was. Then He went to make me dinner, He actually told me that my service to Him was getting better and then took over everything i typically do on the weekends. This is on top of events He had to attend locally, commitments He has otherwise, preparing for a couple big hearings this week, and taking the little man out yesterday so i could have one more good day of rest with the holiday.

So He went to make me dinner. Then i had to pee, but little man was with me so i called Him to the living room and He indicated the stove needed turned down and went into the kitchen and got it so the house wouldn’t burn down then came back.

Yeah i said the title to him when he came back. And yeah i was in DEEP CRAP.

Turns out you aren’t immune to discipline when sick as i was given some strong swats, and it seems that when sick so that i don’t get even sicker He has determined that the proper punishment is needed to be spread over time. Therefore every night the last three i have been over his knee for a short session.

i am feeling better and He has said that when He and i get home, dinner is had and the little man is settled that He expects me to go to our room, remove everything except the lace cheeky underwear He picked out this morning, (They are white, because He likes to see the color come through in contrast as He spanks), and be kneeling when He comes in and that He will be removing His work belt and applying it to my rear for completion of penance in this matter and only at that time will i get my phone back outside of work.



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