Walking like a cowgirl = YUM!!!

Dear Sir,

Howdy. I feel the need to say that because the way You, Dear Mister, left me the other day left me walking like a cowgirl. When i learned You had arranged for us time, i will admit i wasn’t sure what You would do with that time. You concocted a plan that was beyond anything i had conceived. i imagined that there would be kinky fu…stuff involved in the plans You concocted, but Bravo.

i am not sure if i have ever told You but i love the feel of those panties you love so much. They are these lacy cheeky panties from Aerie, which i am i promise an adult woman, but they are cute, and comfy, and make me feel as sexy as You view me. Then there are Your shorts you left. i know You know how i feel about wearing Your clothes. You dwarf me by a foot and change so any chance to wear Your clothes reminds me of Your size, and dominance, and protection. in short Sir, i love it.

The hair rub, it was amazing, the softness of Your voice and gentle rubs of my back and pats on my butt which possibly unbeknownst to You reminded me of what panties You had picked and that likely i was ending up over Your knee. i was happier than a mosquito in a blood bank.

i have a question Sir, how are You both so commanding and gentle as You move me from my head in Your lap to my backside over it. It was as if i was floated into a position, my rear just rose to that “sweet spot” as You call it positioning wise, and my…i mean Your shorts just disappeared from around me. For someone who doesn’t do manual labor for a job, You are incredibly strong and Your swats sting. But You know this, You have punished me over jeans and slacks before and it has stung so much i have almost forgotten i was still completely dressed. These “love swats” stung, and i remember feeling that almost wondrous glowing heat, although it was tinged with disappointment and curiosity as i typically get You placed between my legs during a “good girl” spanking. i was a bit confused i will admit.

Then You pulled down and off my panties and i still didn’t get my Sir’s manhood between my legs despite feeling it hard and available beside my waist. The contradiction between crashing and booming swats and the almost butterfly pressure of Your fingertips as they played me like a fiddle Sir is mindblowing. i remember the science center we go to as kids and the little rats pushing the buttons for treats, well Sir i would have let you push that button between my legs all day….except that damn no orgasm rule. That stinks Sir *pouts*

And then we go to You using Your infernal mind games, i don’t know where in tarnation You learned to do that, but it makes things tough Mister. And just when i got it all figured out, when i am able to take your games and pass your tests…..WOW…just WOW Sir.

i meant what i said when we spoke afterwards. When You pulled my hair and pushed the button You found inside of me, i basically blacked out from pleasure and came back to feel You inside of me and deeply so. i am glad i regained myself in time to feel You come inside Your submissive princess and that You allowed me to thank You for the pleasurable experience by cleaning your manhood afterwards. i would like to think You also had fun and my body allowed You some release from within since as a result i was walking like a cowgirl. But don’t fret Sir, i’m ready for another ride anytime You wish to ride this cowgirl.



One thought on “Walking like a cowgirl = YUM!!!

  1. sweetness, I am glad that you enjoyed the change of pace and am insincerely sorry for any mind games played. Sorry babes thems the breaks. I too look forward to our next go round rodeo, perhaps next time some roping will be in order. 😀


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