The Importance of being flexible

For just over half a decade I/i have been married to an attorney. And as Mister says there are two types of attorneys. Those who toil behind a desk and wield the might of the pen amongst those they might never have the fortune or misfortune of seeing in person, and those who are in essence grunts and legal cannon fodder. Who trudge into court daily and at times are blown to bits because of the orders of clients who are determined to have their day in court despite the odds and then who have to trudge back to their office and begin preparations for the next day.

Mister is the second. He works in such a way that there is no better word for comparison than machine. i sometimes joke Mister is short for Mr. Roboto and sometimes that is all too true. As a result i have learned it is important as the spouse of one of these creatures to be flexible. There will be times when our dynamic is more or less that of a long distance relationship with both parties sleeping in the same bed. i of course attempt to maintain my service to Mister, but the expectations for me are more for my self care than His carnal pleasures.

That said, He does take His liberties and thus begins the juicer portion of my entry. Mister is a physical person. i don’t say He is a brute, but He exercises through running, swimming, mixed fighting training, weights, and playing pick up sports. While i swim, and do it well, i prefer the mental cleansing of yoga practice. Mister, bless Him, understands my interest and has at times joined me when there are weeks He knows that the dynamic will be the long termesque fashion. This is one of those weeks where our ships will be passing in the night and last night after the little captain was asleep i was in the living room with my mat out and beginning my practice when He came into the living room.

To understand the scene as it were, i was spread out with my mat and had moved all the furniture in the living room to walls to allow the maximum space, i was dressed in spandex shorts and a sports nursing bra, Mister when He arrives home from work always changes His clothes immediately to those more befitting someone at the gym and was clothed in a sleeveless t-shirt and mesh basketball shorts. As He sat on the couch and absently watched the baseball game, i observed Him admiring my downward dog (or some part thereof), He then proposed we try something different and practice together.

i had a sense of where this was going but my curiosity demanded i know for sure. “Yes Mister” i nodded and came out of my pose. He ordered me to strip and then asked me to assume wheel pose. He then presented me with his naked form after ordering me to hold this pose. i was rewarded with getting to take Him in my mouth.

For those who are visual:


Under Mister’s guidance my practice last night consisted of:

  1. 800_downwarddog

Downward Dog…i know right?!?! i tried to object and apparently this is a great position for punishment swats as well.

2.ย 800_cobra

Cobra pose- AMAZINGLY deep penetration ๐Ÿ™‚

3.ย 800_HappyBaby.jpg

Happy Baby Pose- And oh baby was I happy with yet another deep penetration pose

4.ย 800_boundanglereclining

Bound Reclining- Mister incorporated trust bondage, IE the worst thing ever because if i struggle it is just against myself and not wanting to be punished for leaving position, but promised we would be revisiting this position with the use of some of our silks and ties. When Mister came i was worried i would wake the baby i was moaning so loudly and when i got to come…..well let’s just say i have added couple yoga to my list of requested rewards from Mister and am eagerly awaiting my next lesson on flexibility from Yogi Mister.


2 thoughts on “The Importance of being flexible

    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yeah, from reading your blog and your husband’s I am sure you are familiar with these fun and games on all levels. It’s just a measure of stick-to-it-ness and stubbornness with HM tells me I have in spades when I want to.

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