Superman mode

Mister never makes it a secret, He is a White Knight Dom, which means as I understand it

“The White Knight Dom wants to right wrongs, slay dragons, rescue subs in trouble, treat his submissive like a princess, and become King – and he wants to do it all before lunch. He is driven by a sense of chivalry and altruism that transcends what he considers to be the sordid and tawdry business of self-gratification. Making you happy makes him happy.”

Mister has this innate  drive inside him where He plays the hero to anyone He perceives as downtrodden or victimized. He has “little sisters” galore. And His rule is simple: “You can mess with me, do practically anything to me, but you do NOT mess with My family” When someone interferes with someone He considers family, what I call Superman mode emerges. This mode also comes online when He is preparing for a case He is invested in or a trial is scheduled on a criminal matter.

This week for reasons i don’t feel need to be specifically disclosed, Mister has had to be in this mode, and has had to be outside our home despite it being us that He is in the mode about. The level of Dominant protection He has displayed has been incredible. But it makes me miss Him. i have messaged Him this morning and He instructed me to journal it and He would respond in kind after reviewing this post at lunch.

So here we go as I plan to do it in pictures.

Dear Sir,




I await your response Sir



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