Anticipation,panic, and Princes

One of the things that not many people know about me is that I have a severe panic disorder. Let that sink in, I the warrior princess have a panic disorder. I turns to i in a millisecond and He scoops me up whether he is there or not. He has made it so i can reach Him as needed. He has taken my calls and texts in the middle of things before and only a full blown court proceeding can prevent His voice from me when i need it. But He still texts.

Tomorrow we are going to an important matter. Mister is being recognized for an award and the gathering is also important to his career’s future. i will be transformed into the apple of eyes and candy to his arm. That’s not to say i will be some dumb laughing bobble head, He wouldn’t allow that even if i wanted to be so. No i will be his smart, articulate, but appropo to the moment wife. It’s been a while since i wore my formal collar out, W/we haven’t gotten to do much fancy stuff since the Spring. i’ve been looking forward to it.

Then set in the panic. What am i going to wear. Since the little captain has been born i have gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight, and my body is slowly returning to where i like it. But i am still nursing and thus my clothes necessarily must be suited for either easy access or pumping. The LC is going with U/us tomorrow as well which makes it all the more important my outfit be easy access. i was freeeeeaking out.


Then Mister stepped in, and saved the day, He loaded me and LC up and took us shopping and helped me pick out the most gorgeous dress.


Which means all that’s left is this


And then….THIS




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