Something that stands our dynamic apart from a lot of others is that i very very rarely cook. i sometimes bake, but even then Mister tends to be the Lord and Master of the kitchen. And in the kitchen Mister has tools that cause me immense pleasure and pain.

No i am not talking about the potential implements that are there, but yes i have discovered the joys of cooking and preparing roast rump in the kitchen before. And yes pre-little captain we did make other things in the kitchen aside from food.

No i am talking about the food that Mister makes. Mister as far as i am aware, has had no professional training, nor classes of any kind. And to be open and honest i think for the seven years He was in college He had access to a miniscule stove and a few small pots and pans. And yet HEAVEN, i mean He was preparing gourmet/comfort foods for multiple people on a regular basis.

So where did this come from? i do not know, but i do know that the pain is knowing that i am tempted to eat so much of this that i may just lose my figure if i am not careful. He is incredible though and to eat His food is to feel closer to God. The specialty in our house is comfort food though and i sometimes think that He has a treasure trove of recipes in His mind. i literally have never seen Him use a recipe book, He just sets to work and like a wizard His creations are magical.

There really is no point to this, i am just looking to brag.


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