Hello, I am sweetness, or at least that’s what my Hubby Mister (HM) calls me anyway. And before anyone gets too worked up, that’s only what I call him when we are in public around vanilla people. Otherwise our dynamic calls for other salutations.

I am about as intensely a warrior princess submissive as one could find. I have the quiz scores to prove it. If you didn’t see me in HM and I’s home you would think I would likely be writing a Femdom blog. I am the person people come to ask for orders, I am the one who shoulders the weight of the business I work at, and by day I get ma’am….a lot.

I am in my early thirties and HM and I have been married for a little while now and known each other for almost 20 years with out being together about half that time. To look at us we appear to be the All American young couple. The first thing people tend to notice is the difference in our size whereas HM is about 6’5.5″, I am a shorter 5’3″ and look tiny standing next to him. A couple of people we know who are in the lifestyle have mistakenly suggested we would be a great DD/lg couple. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I am no one’s little girl, I had a father, he blew it, and I am done needing one, HM is what I need. He is my white knight, a warrior and a Dominant force that keeps me focused and centered even while I am trying to balance heavy forces in differing directions. He is also my keeper of my armor and sword, he reminds me to take it off each day and put it on before we leave. And sometimes, when the time is right (and I’ll be damned if he doesn’t know…always) he forces it off me and stands sentinel in my stead.

I am a force; I am an enigma; I am broken from my past; I will quick as look at a problem, solve it; but I am also His and proudly serve him.